Newsletters made easy

Few forms of communication have the flexibility or outreach as the corporate newsletter. Primarily an information vehical, Newsletters serve a unique customer base that is (typically) familiar with their small part of the larger whole. Newsletters serve to cross department and geographic boundries by informing internal clients on the companies culture, products and services and news and events. HR uses Newsletters as part of the Rewards and Recognition system vital to maintaining employee morale and incentive driven production.

At Shasta Office Services we have years of proven experience designing and producing newsletters for a wide range of companies, large and small. Craftsmanship and attention to detail show your employees that you care enough to only send them the same quality product that you would send any of your external clients. Our design experts work with you to create layouts and presentations that will keep your readership entertained month after month while still presenting the information in a clear, concise format.

Call or email us with your requirements and let one of our trained account executives show you how you can: enhance internal communications, boost moral, build trust and team spirit, and brand your company with an image that reflects your unique culture and identity.





Shasta Printing Services contracts with these sites to bring you the products or services you need at substantially reduced rates. SPS will monitor your account and be able to help you should you have any problems or issues that need resolution during your order. With SPS you are always dealing with the owners.


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